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The hashtag #ambook launch 010writing is one of the most commonly used among writers on Twitter, but in reality how many of us are doing just that a day? Writing that is, rather than tweeting about it!

Every day I start with the intention. I am currently half way through a children’s book and I really should be writing (at least some of it) today! But… but the first thing I feel compelled to do each day is open my email up. You never know, I tell myself as I sip my first coffee of the day, your book may have got a brilliant review or a national newspaper journalist wants to interview you. Many emails are from fellow authors offering tremendous advice and sometimes great contacts. Of course I click on that link and spend the next hour reading up on the successes of other authors! Next in the queue is a request to connect on Linked-In from an old friend, so naturally I log on and reminisce on the good old days and see how well my friend has done in life – nothing like going through someone else’s CV. It must be time to put the kettle on.

I really must get writing… but the messages keep coming. Nowadays schools keep in touch with parents by text and email and occasionally like today there is a corker of a letter from the head-teacher protesting her innocence to a story that appears in the local paper – cue another detour to check out the online report and contact other parents. I shut it down but when I log on Google the envelope is flashing! A quick check of my author email box (unaroseauthor@gmail.com) reveals 400 unread emails, mostly replies to twitter follow requests and junk mail. But my inbox does sometimes surprise me sometimes, such as an invitation from a scriptwriter who has read some of my work and is urging me to sign up for an MA in writing for screen and play. While I am flattered at the suggestion I may be good enough in fact to qualify for the bursary, it is still £5,000 I need to cough up. I’d need to sell a lot of books to raise that cash.  Still the idea of swanning off to London once a month for a week of intensive writing for a play does appeal very much!

I have to do some writing today… but first I have to update my website page with the latest events lined up – two radio interviews and a talk at a writers group. Once I update the website, it is onto Facebook, twitter and Instagram. A call from the local paper (not about the headteacher) confirms an interview, and so hail another round of updates to tell people buy the paper this Friday – “a double page spread!”

A local school replies to say they’d be delighted to have an author spend an afternoon talking about books but with the usual refrain: “sorry we have no money to pay you.” It is the same at the BBC, cheekily refusing even to offer travel expenses when it will take me half a day to get there and back with no fee paid. “Most authors are just delighted for the publicity,” I’m told earnestly.

Yet authors like myself don’t simply write books for the pure indulgence. We must write to make money but no one is giving me a chance to do so!  Of course when book orders pop up on the website they are a joy to receive but the wait at the post office leaves me grumpy – memo to self, get the print-on-demand launched soon! It is tempting to ignore the phone and at least I can physically unplug it but then what might I miss? Okay the updates from my parents on their latest trip at my busiest time are none too well received but retired people don’t do deadlines. And if I had unplugged I would have missed a jolly chat with a heritage peer who is enjoying my novel! It prompts me to check out Goodreads (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18131536-the-tokyo-express) where several nice reviews were waiting for me. Amazon too is another treasure trove where I can reach in for the feelgood factor as I now have some fifteen 5-star reviews! The latest reviewer called it “an intoxicating tale of love.” If you want another distraction today (go on you know you do!) read the reviews here:  http://amzn.to/1dbACSk. Now must tweet that, cue another blissful hour scrolling threw my feed! You can often find me there – my handle is @unaroseauthor. Let me know if this is how you found me!

The internet, love it or hate it – and I do both in a day – there is no getting away from the fact it is a lifeline for writers. A place of reviews and views which can either boost one’s confidence, or shatter a dream.

Will I get to write anything today? I look up at the clock, and it’s 16.00 already! The internet is very appealing to the kids too. And they are so much more savvy than me. I admit they have become my IT consultants! But once they are home, all bets are off. How is it, they can get themselves across town to school and parties but cannot grab a snack without my help? Is it a con, a ruse to get me to leave my screen so they can then hop on and message friends? Despite having several computers in the house, it seems mine is the preferred one. I really would love to be one of those authors who churn out at least a book a year. I’ll be lucky with one a decade! I shan’t be working it seems today, but there is always tomorrow to try again. 


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