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Being a writer these days is not just about writing but having a connection with readers. Even established, big name authors have twitter accounts and Facebook pages they keep updated and fresh – although I guess the very top people may have nice interns to do it for them!

I haven’t been able to keep up with much of this lately as I’ve not been in the best of health for the past year or so, suffering with many concurrent chronic illnesses. Most of them are  incurable and thus I have to try and stay healthy with lots of rest, eat food that is cooked fresh daily and also spend too much time reading up on the conditions and being in touch with other sufferers. Having a family and a husband with a full-on job, leaves me very little time to actually get on with the job of writing. I find writing smaller blog entries easier, mostly on my health which is linked here (http://100daystogetwell.weebly.com/) for those interested, so I guess I am still writing, just not the novels that are bursting out of my brain. One of my conditions is brain related (Trigeminal Neuralgia) and I wonder (in jest of course) if all this brain busting energy is triggering it! Still writing is writing, whatever the genre and doing a health blog is cathartic as well as keeping me sane.

Being ill also causes other problems, that is friendship ones. I have several life-long friends who I no longer bother contacting as it seems I must be boring them being ill. I’ve had to cancel so many plans, I guess they see me as a nuisance. They rarely call me either. I do try not to talk about it, as being out with a friend is a real treat and I much prefer to catch up on the gossip and forget my problems. I also have an illness that many people suggest isn’t ever real: M.E otherwise called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Check out my health blog to hear my thoughts on this unfair aspect of this disease. But for those who perhaps have lost loved ones to Cancer or Dementia, my talk of a hidden disease that comes and goes must seem odd, even a case of hypochondria. The press gets it so wrong all the time. Even this week, ITV came under fire for giving out very dangerous and ill-advised information for a woman who is bed-bound by the disease. With that in mind, I suppose I should realise why friends don’t understand what I am going through. I used to upset me greatly to be so dismissed by people I thought I could trust most in the world.

However I do have the good luck of being an author. I find that fellow authors are marvelous people to connect with. Perhaps it is because they are in touch with the emotions of a person. I must admit I often observe friends and acquaintances for quirks and mannerisms and emotions, as I want my characters to be as real as the person in front of me. But also, writers are more inclined to be open people and naturally curious. Since this illness has taken over my life and changed it in so many ways, and to a large extent limiting it greatly. I am still glad to be a writer and be able to express myself in blogs on forums etc. And some of the greatest help I’ve received from friends have been my writing ones!

Photos above are some of the lovely book people who have become firm friends!


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Una Rose - Author

Putting the world to write!

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